"... You enter this project in order to earn $ 8 to $ 400 per week to accomplish daily tasks ..."

by Sébastien F. on 2 mai 2014



On this site, I want to introduce you all the information available, which are known to me at this time on this project.Before that, however, I would like to draw your attention to an important factor that is ...

We already have more than 500,000 registered users, even if the project was launched since 12th October 2013.

The reason for this rapid growth is probably:
The ability to generate income without Referrals! With a package Free Box!

Many of us are seeking and / or looking for new opportunities


Here Origin of name LibertàGià - Now Free.
The Company believes that: "... people can live better, they can overcome poverty ..."

So the first packet is free (for details, see the following description ...)

LibertaGia office is located in Lisbon, Portugal, in a building next to the Microsoft headquarters and apartment Cristiano Ronaldo.



Below I will present some things that I think are important :

LibertàGià project was preparing behind the scenes for 13 months to finally start 12th October 2013 . The fact that the project was launched on October 12 just means a good opportunity for high incomes. LibertaGia is a mixture of leaders with knowledge of systems such as EmpowerNetwork , BannersBroker or TelexFree .


This is a business where you start with a zero contribution and earn $ 15 per week to accomplish daily tasks. People do not believe it , and often they want to see for themselves that something actually works before deciding to enter it. The company early on took care of these people , offering them a free income.


The CEO and president of this company is Rui Salvador and marketing director is William Gill, one of the best chefs in Brazil.


LibertàGià ( Freedom Now ) is a technology company international work whose main purpose is to develop applications that will solve common problems in people's lives . We want to integrate the technology necessary for everyone to engage in professional activities , personal and social in one place.


The main product is LibertàGià online product and services provided by Live In box. Live in Box is a platform that allows you to store your content and free applications to make your life on the web in a simple and easy experience . The product is similar to a cloud service but with lots of applications , social networks, chat, movies , conferences, e- mail access, you can securely access your backup files, photos and etc.


Turning to the description of what you will actually win. The marketing plan will be different for those who work for themselves and for those who want to build a team.
Remember ! Nobody loses money with LibertàGià !


If you buy one of our packages (optional) We guarantee that you do not waste your money. If you lose your money please contact the company and the company will go to the insurance that covers the cost .
Yes, it's completely FREE! Become a member now . This is your guarantee positions and weekly earnings.
What's in bronze, Free Box ?



You get:

15 % of premiums and team leadership - it will be calculated from the points you get in binary.
1% of your referrals earnings variables , until the 6th generation. Everyone in the reception system of daily tasks and do these tasks , you can earn money. The company has identified 10 best ways to earn money on the Internet with more than 100 ways that are only those that we will use to make money every day, every day.
1% of monthly activation fee paid by your downline until the 6th generation .

What's in the box of money ?

You get:

20 % of premiums and team leadership - it will be calculated from the points you get in binary.
2% of the variable remuneration of references, on the sixth generation.
4% of monthly activation fee paid by your downline until the 6th generation .

And what's in the gold box?

You get:

30 % of premiums and team leadership - it will be calculated from the points you get in binary.
2% of the variable remuneration of references, on the sixth generation.
6% of monthly activation fee paid by your downline until the 6th generation .


In addition, each box gives you the right to free :

Live In Box ( 3 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB of free space )
12 month contract
You can make direct sales
Get sharing and bonuses.


Cloud Storage - You have access to the cloud storage with free hosting site , you can upload and download the files you want - thanks to cloud technology , you will have access to your files wherever you are and what the type of device you use (desktop , laptop, tablet or smartphone)

Special personal website - your personal blog.


But the most important thing for most of us is that :

Bronze Package Box weekly pay $ 15
Silver Package Box weekly earnings : $ 60
Gold Box Package weekly earnings : $ 100


LibertàGià the project is protected from almost all sides by experience taking projects such as EmpowerNetwork , BannersBroker , TelexFree and many others.
Using this information , each of us knows what is / should be , standing in front of such a huge opportunity.


I mentioned that the President and CEO LibertàGià Rui Salvador . Marketing Director is William Gill , one of the greatest Brazilian leaders. The project is the result of 11 investors, who will be announced on LibertàGià conferences taking place worldwide .


Remember ...
" ... You enter this project in order to earn $ 15 minimum per week to accomplish daily tasks ..."




Most people ask this question:
"How can we reap the benefits?"



The company has an international debit card . giacard

They got a partnership with a bank that also provides us with a international debit card to withdraw winnings worldwide . There are no exchange fees. It will be paid in your own currency money.


Our proposal:

To create something different and better than what already exists . An intelligent society , driven by a purpose that benefits people and generates financial freedom. We care about sustainability and the protection of global companies , not just profits and dividends. We call it : reliable place .


We believe in the promotion of prosperity , freedom and quality of life by reducing poverty and violence worldwide. As we got closer to peace in the world, it will make us feel even more passionate about what we do!
Many projects in which we participated are currently on the market for six months, one year, three years ...


And ... always someone starts the project - usually if it is a good project , this person really benefits . In light of these facts, LibertàGià is a good project.
Ask yourself ...



the project was under construction for more than 13 months marketing culture everything has been built , closely with the bank was taken , the person who will lead the project was chosen ( after a long selection of a dozen people in the world, and finally the choice was supported by the friendship of Rui & William) ...



So ... what good can come join us?
You have everything to gain because you will never have a dime out of your pocket.
Finally, I invite you to Join FREE



PS. Below you will find some useful information during registration. Please pay particular attention to the exact name of the inviting person. 

In this case, then click on the registration link, you will see a pop-up window in which you must confirm the good invitor data:


If the name of the inviting person is correct, after the approval of the button "Confirm" a registration form will appear, where you can also check if you register to the appropriate person (the person to support you expect after recording). 

Here's what you should see: *


Document (Document identification number) field. The company must ensure that each account will be used by a real person. In this area, you must put your No identification document (driver's license, ID, etc.) 

Note that the fields: 

Name (name) 
First name (surname) 
Number of identification document 
Username (Nickname) 

are not editable after registration. So put your data very carefully.